I Support BYU

Responding to the BYU Cheney protest, BYU College Republicans have organized their own petition in support of Cheney’s appearance and held a counter-protest Wednesday. I signed the pro-Cheney petition but I did think the “Cheney and Voldemort 2008″ sign mentioned in the SL Trib article was funny. BCC has some photos of the protest.

As of today, the Cheney Protest petition has 3,319 signatures and the pro-Cheney petition has 931, with a later start. More information can be found at their website, ISupportBYU.com.

3 thoughts on “I Support BYU

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  2. Chino Blanco

    I support BYU in their decision to allow the protest of Cheney’s visit to happen.

    As it seems certain that Cheney’s commencement address will take place, I’m not entirely clear about what it is that the counter-protesters are protesting. Not sure that “counter-protest” is really the correct term in this case.

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