I swear Senator Larry Craig is not Mormon!!

“Today, I went out of my way to ask people here in Washington, D.C., if they knew the religious affiliation of the besieged senator from Idaho. I picked on people who were reading newspapers, mainly. Every single one of them said these words or words to this effect: ‘Isn’t he Mormon?‘ ”  Terry Mattingly, asks why people thought Sen. Craig is Mormon. People still refuse to accept the truth.  

Of the last 60 inbound links to this blog, about 55 of them are google searches on whether Senator Larry Craig is Mormon.  Nervous Mormons or curious gentiles?

2 thoughts on “I swear Senator Larry Craig is not Mormon!!

  1. Adela Jea Tirol

    This is my story. I am an ordinary woman with no husband and money and no friends. I do not know if somebody like Gordon B. Hinckley would understand my situation.
    My mother died and I am having a difficult life today. I did not finish my degree in Architecture because of some misfortunate accident, but I am almost finished with my LET Exam today. I was wondering if there is a problem, which you could describe what I have now and is not an ordinary experience, which you could encounter ordinarily.
    Let me tell you about what my childhood was like and what is President Gordon B. Hinckley’s role is in my life before I had this trouble, which I could not describe in actual words.
    I was born and raised in Tagbilaran City on February 2, 1976. My mother was Aurora Fortich Briones and my father was Jes Belarmino Tirol. He is an Engineer with a Master’s Degree in Engineering in U.P. Diliman. My mother lived in Boholand exactly where DML Montessori is located. Before DML Montessori was built and established in 1981, there was a couple that I could still remember, she was Thelma but forgot about Thelma’s husband’s name. I could still remember the time I attended their Sunday school and church service when I was 2 years old. I could not remember exactly what their religion were but knew that they were protestants and since my grand mother Illuminada Belarmino Tirol was an advocate on church building and was a protestant herself, I considered them to be the same. I could not remember if Thelma was a Later-Day-Saint but I do remember that the Church of Jesus Christ of Later day Saints did built a church uphill in front of the elementary school when I was young. I attend their church service every Sunday in their driveway of Mom Thelma’s and had friends there with Thelma. But I do not know that they had a dedication for their Church and had it there in her house probably. They had a garage and a driveway, which they converted every Sunday into a place of worship. And many of them followed including Manang Maming’s relative who was a Nun. She also knew Thelma. I was too young to remember everything but Thelma also had three daughters or maybe they were Thelma’s relatives who visited her and her husband there. I had lots of happy memories with them playing with them in their driveway. I remembered having a funny experience with Bridget and Bianca. I was going to present a reading and pretended to read Brenda’s novel, she was the oldest sister among the three of them. Brenda’s novel was big and thick and it was a romantic novel. I tried to avoid reading the romantic passages so I just memorized my words with my mind. I did not know I was reading upside-down. I did not know if they knew I could read. I was surprised to know it was upside-down and turned it up correctly accidentally inspecting the words that I was suppose to read. I shrieked when I recognized that I read the romantic parts of the novel. I was almost seven years old and I was like most of the kids that age, being innocent and terrible. We began to tease the oldest sister saying things like she misses her old boyfriend back at the United States but I really wasn’t sure where they lived back there. We tried to make fun of her saying that she is having her periods and also me when I will be like her age. I was serious and I said that I want to be like her because I thought she was beautiful and she laughed. I like her yellow hair and yellow-white skin. She dressed ordinarily and I thought to myself back then that it was what they wear in the U.S. even before Vogue Magazine became an infamous magazine in the 1990’s. We were neighbors.
    They went home after a year trying to live there ordinarily and I did not have any contact with them there. They were probably studying and finishing there school and have jobs. I was involved with my school here and graduated elementary With Honors and got to go to High School here at University of Bohol. I unfortunately did not graduated With Honors in my class during High School but I was one of the top 25 students who graduated in University of Bohol High School. I was not able to apply to the top Universities in the Philippines due to lack of admission requirements.
    When I was growing up, there were Mormons who were visiting my house and where giving Bibles and The Book of Mormon to us. I read them and because I knew what was written inside the Old Testament. I knew that those missionaries were a good missionaries of the Church Of Jesus Christ of the Latter Day Saints. These suggested to me that they were good people. I felt very happy for them. I was in college not knowing that this would happen into my life.
    When I was in my first year of College, I got a motorcycle. I was a reckless driver and I frequently have accidents in driving my motorcycle. One night I was driving my motorcycle and there was a heavy rain. I did not use any safety precautions and was driving without any helmet and any jacket. The downpour of the rain got me wet. Then I drove into a canal. My motorcycle dived into the ditch and threw me over board. I got a scar into my face and was delivered into the Medical Mission Group Hospital that was the old Tagbilaran City Hospital and I got a stitch on my upper lip and some bruises. I got an accident. But these missionaries were too caring, they were there. They prayed for me and saved me. I did not expect to meet them. They were really serious about their work so that is why I tried to be with them today. There are really a few good people who you could call in times of emergency. Thank you good Mormons for saving my life.

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