Mormons Exposed

The title sounds like an anti- site, at first glance it looks like it may be a NSFW site, but no, it’s a beefcake calendar for ostensibly returned missionaries.  I deferred comment and its received notice elsewhere, but after seeing its press release (safe link) I couldn’t help but want to share in the laughter:

 . . . Las Vegas-based [natch] Mormons Exposed was created to encourage different groups of people to look beyond the stereotypes of race, religion and political affiliation to achieve a greater understanding of one another.

I’m sure there are many who will appreciate their continuing service to society.

3 thoughts on “Mormons Exposed

  1. The work and the glory

    Mormons believe that authentic Christianity vanished a century after Jesus and was restored only through Joseph Smith. Considered a prophet by Mormons, Smith revised— and in his view corrected— large sections of the Bible in the 19th century. The Mormon scriptures include the Old and New Testaments, but also include books containing Smith’s revelations.

  2. alv

    theyre cute . im think its the other people revised u consience i considered honest and good photos no esposed inmorality. i see now some people normal and no nerds of the relgion. i bougth the calendar for reason is the good carity and no 2 other people is enrich for himself. the cosience the judge is the phots (we ) becaudse u is sick your head.fariseo

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