A New Hope: Romney for Vice-President

Last week, there were rumors and speculation that Karl Rove and other prominent Republicans were encouraging a McCain-Romney ticket for this November’s election.

Despite reports that his aides have opposed the ticket, Romney said last night in an interview that he’d accept a VP offer and downplayed the hard feelings between him and McCain, calling him the “Big Dog” (Millenial Star links to video of the interview).

Fred Barnes at the Weekly Standard says that Romney would make an excellent pick for Vice-President since he’s seen as a credible president and he won’t subtract from the ticket.   

That leads to Romney. He has run a vigorous national campaign and been vetted by the press and his opponents for the Republican nomination. . .

Romney has three other add-ons. He’s acceptable to conservatives and especially to social conservatives, who disproportionately volunteer as ground troops in Republican presidential campaigns. He’s unflappable in debates. With the downturn worsening, the economy may surpass national security as the top issue of the campaign. And after years of success as a big time player in the global economy, Romney understands how markets work. He could shore up McCain’s admitted weakness on economic issues.

However, Barnes dismisses Romney’s Mormonism as a liablity a little too easily. While the role of his religion has probably been overstated, it didn’t help in the Southern primaries where the GOP desperatley needs to win.

My guess is that McCain won’t pick Romney.  He doesn’t bring the right geography or demography (sorry but the LDS voting bloc isn’t as influential as we’d like to be). 

Never mind that McCain has never tried to hide his dislike for Romney. But maybe McCain can learn from Lincoln and swallow his pride to assemble a “Team of Rivals” to create a winning team.

As much as I’d like to see McCain swallow some pride for once and pick Romney, the idea will probably remain as idle speculation.  I’ll settle my hopes on a cabinet seat should they get that far.

3 thoughts on “A New Hope: Romney for Vice-President

  1. Brent W

    If another man, Fred Thompson, could also swallow his pride, he could help the Republican ticket in the South and in the Mountain regions. I’m just not sure if he could overcome the label assigned to him by the media as a lackluster (even lazy?) campaigner.

    I would have to see a lot more calls from the public – or during the Republican National Convention – for Mitt’s help on the economy before I could feel good about an M & M ticket. Mitt would make a great National Economic Adviser and that would still help him keep up some visibility until the 2012 elections…..

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