LDS & Mormon Blogs – 4 September 2008

Searching the Scriptures
He that hath the scriptures, let him search them.
Each day I write about a section of scripture or church talk and what it means to me.

LDS Meditation
This blog is to share my personal experience about the LDS Gospel, and the role it plays in my life.

Why I Choose Mormonism

Becoming LDS
Just thoughts, experiences, quotes, videos, and pictures about LDS Doctrine and Life.

Red Sky at Night
Red Sky at Night: The sun is setting on all of us — we’re aging (some of us more so/faster than others!) — but that doesn’t mean we can’t take delight in our creation and the lives and gifts we’ve been blessed with. And, that we can’t share those delights to uplift and sustain each other

Dead Seriously.
Both general and LDS takes on national and local (California) religious, economic, political, and legal happenings. With sports.

Signe Says
My crazy life and my views on the world around me.

My Coming to Life
“We die daily. Happy are those who daily come to life as well.” –George MacDonald
This blog is an attempt to share life. It’s a medium of reflection. It’s a platform for realization. And it’s a tool for revelation. It’s also a symbol of my beliefs: that anyone can share life; that everyone should share life; that all life is important; and that the purpose of life is to learn and become. Being all of these things, this blog is dedicated to all of the stuff my life is made of—people, ideas, ideologies, cultures, activities, experiences,

Mama’s Nut House
The crazy world of a single, homeschooling mama. Come learn and discuss topics such as: homeschooling, baking bread, Once-a-month/bulk cooking, making soap, sewing, what food storage is and how to start your own. What a 72 hr kit is and how to create one. I’m not an expert but I have been doing most of these skills for a long time. I like to be as self-sufficient as I can. I love learning new skills or ways of doing things at home instead of having to buy at the store. Come join me.

Who Goes There?
I’m a stay at home mom of 2 kids (2 and 1) and I have lots of crafty hobbies and laugh a lot… I like making people laugh.

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