EightMaps.com creator doesn’t want to be found

The EightMaps.com creator doesn’t want to be found.

The map application has become an icon for the extremes to which political transparency can be taken — but whoever made it prefers to remain completely anonymous. The application is registered anonymously through GoDaddy and offers no contact information.

3 thoughts on “EightMaps.com creator doesn’t want to be found

  1. Chairm

    I say “out” this person.

    No, not hound, not harrass, not seek the loss of livelihood. Just put this person in the spotlight.

    Hey, thousands, if not millions, of pro-SSM fans will applaude and throw roses at this person’s feet.

    Only fitting that this person also take the good with the bad. Criticism, that is. And put him in a press conference, too. Get him on “Dr. Phil” along with spokespeople for the Yes campaign. Let’s put the test to the notion of transparency and accountablity.

  2. Chairm

    I said, “him”, but I’ve no idea if it is a him or not. Let’s find out.

    This person ought to step forward and live the very thing that the big ole map was supposed to promote. And we know that the intention was not beyond the pale, right?

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