Rumors of General Conference Protests Debunked

Apparently a bogus email has been circulating, claiming that the mother of all General Conference protests was coming next month.

An inflammatory e-mail is circulating around the country, saying Salt Lake City police officers are preparing for up to 200,000 protesters during the LDS General Conference in April, and it’s causing concern in both the Latter-day Saint and gay communities.

The e-mail begins with reference to a good friend whose dad, who supposedly works for the Salt Lake City Police Department, says police are putting in extra hours doing riot training.

“The training they are possibly referring to is this routine training that we do every year on crowd control techniques and protest,” said Detective Dennis McGowan, spokesman for the Salt Lake City Police Department.

McGowan added, “You know, thanks for the opportunity, though, to get this out to everyone that, as far as our concern at this point in time, these are rumors and everyone can stand down.”

Still, the article says that 2,000 protestors were at the October conference, which was before the Proposition 8 victory when most activists decided to target the Church. It’s wise not to be alarmist but it wouldn’t be too surprising to see angry gay marriage activists joining arms with angry Evangelicals to form an especially robust protest next month.

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  1. Mark B.’s avatar

    Maybe they can get Ted Haggard to lead their choir.

  2. LDS general conference member’s avatar

    Why would they do such a thing? Latter day saints are law abiding people and trying to be righteous in almost every way then why these people are so angry with latter day saints like that? I hope they will soon realized that it will do no good to them.

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