Afternoon links – 24 March 2009

» Get them while they’re young

» New blog: salt lake architecture

» Fans keep Wozniak 'Dancing With the Stars'

» The Wave
“The Wave is a red-rock stunner on the border of Arizona and Utah”

» Dead Oceans Band the Donkeys in "Lost" Mystery
The mystery of the real life Geronimo Jackson revealed? Get the free iTunes song.

» One Last Book Before I Go

» What’s it all about, Alfie?

» Human Achievement Hour

4 thoughts on “Afternoon links – 24 March 2009

  1. b.

    You haven’t surprised me yet. O_o

    You seem to post everything and anything against Obama and the current administration, but you can’t get anything positive, can you? No surprise because you think he’s a socialist, which, if you actually knew anything about socialism, you would balk at that idea.

  2. David B

    I have to admit that i’m not big on the turn this blog has taken toward pure “aggregator” territory–with no context, i can’t tell what you’re posting ’cause you agree with it, what you’re posting ’cause you think it’s just generally interesting, or what you’re posting ’cause it amuses you.

    Maybe add a “seriousness scale” or somesuch to each link–it’d let us know what we *should* get annoyed at you about. :)

  3. David H. Sundwall Post author

    David B –

    Your criticism is valid and makes a good point.

    Work and a new calling have been more demanding of late so it’s convenient to click “share” in Google Reader and let a plugin compile these links. But some context and commentary would help and make it more useful then dumping some links every day.

    I’ll try to do better and use better discretion.


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