A Shady Craigslist Posting In Provo

Provo Craigslist Buying Sacrament Talk

Helping my wife google for Elder Scott talks on the sacrament (the search on lds.org seems hopelessly broken) we came across this sad example of the underbelly of Happy Valley. In fairness, it’s someone from outside Utah trying to work the heretofore unknown black market of sacrament talks.

In case the posting goes down, click on the screenshot:

Provo Craigslist Buying Sacrament Talk

Short notice is no fun but I’m not sure that Craigslist is your best bet. It’s probably too late to help the guy but if you have something filed away, maybe you can help a brother out.


  1. Jacob J’s avatar

    Hilarious. I wish I’d see that, I think it could be the easiest $40 ever.

  2. Ben Pratt’s avatar

    Wow. Seeking spiritual guidance FAIL.

  3. nita’s avatar

    how sad. Ditto to what Ben said. Hopefully the poster of that request was just joking.

  4. Brian Duffin’s avatar

    Darn, I could have made an easy $40! ;-)

  5. Jeff Lindsay’s avatar

    Obviously someone trying to make fun of Mormons. Any real Mormon knows that the going price is around $20, unless you want someone from FARMS to add over-the-top intellectual trappings to the talk – then it’s around $35.

  6. jared’s avatar

    Wow, that was funny!

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