Official LDS iPhone/iPad App: Gospel Library

LDS Mormon Gospel Library app

Yesterday, the Church released its own official iPhone app that’s compatible with the iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad, called Gospel Library (forgive the App Store’s typo “Gospel Lbry”).

I really like it a whole lot. I have tried most of the previously released third-party scripture apps that range from free to somewhat pricey (~$15) that have a whole range of features on my iPod Touch. Gospel Library may seem basic as a 1.0 release but it looks great and has everything I need. Not coincidentally, it looks like the most like the actual Church typeset scriptures. It also does a great job of getting the buttons out of the way, allowing the most screen real estate for just reading pure scripturery goodness.

Another feature I liked is that the newly downloaded app is basically an “empty shelf” which allows you to then download (and later delete) whichever books of scripture you want as well GC reports, and other Church books. There a lot of Church books and manuals already available and the App Store description promises weekly updates to the available library.

I’d love to see how it looks on the iPad.

A great effort from the LDS Tech team.

Check out Gospel Library.

5 thoughts on “Official LDS iPhone/iPad App: Gospel Library

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  2. Jared Whittle

    Uh, it looks like an iPhone app on the iPad. They don’t have an iPad version of the app yet. All the other $15 ones do, but I think I’ll wait and just hope that they make an iPad version. Either that or there just won’t be a demand for it, so the Church won’t spend the time funding it. I would be thrilled over an Ensign app, or if the church teamed up with Zinio or something and allowed users to subscribe to an iPad version of their magazines. But then again, it’s a lot of work for a very small audience, and it’s not like they make a huge profit of their magazines. But hey, I have an iPhone too and the iPhone is way more discrete in church than an iPad would be (for all those people who think you’re just messing around on a device during Church).

  3. Lynne

    I have an IPOD Touch. I have all the scriptures, LDS Music and all I want except the April 2011 Conference in the Ensign. Is it available and how do I download it ?

  4. D.H. Sundwall Post author


    Go to the Gospel Library main page where the menu lists the, Scriptures, General Conference, Manuals, etc. Above that should be a button that says “Manage Library.” From there you should be able to go to General Conference and download the latest GC session.

    Also, make sure you have the latest version of the app.

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