Eric Metaxas Putting Politics and the Gospel in Their Place

This week of politics has been wearying. The primaries are starting to take their toll and this week’s eruption of the culture wars featuring abortion was quite depressing. But Thursday was the National Prayer Breakfast, and while the President’s speech was quite disappointing and hard to square with his administration’s recent moves against religion, Eric Metaxas’ speech was quite moving.

The author of Bonhoeffer: Pastor, Martyr, Prophet, Spy [iTunes] was the epitome of humility, humor (okay, he’s a little bit of a ham), and charm. Mere feet from the President, Metaxas spoke to of the importance of defending the Culture of Life and Marriage despite being demonized. And even more importantly, on not responding in kind. His words placed politics in proper perspective with living the Gospel.

Watching his talk helped me end the week on a high note and prepare for my daughter’s baptism today. His segment is almost a half an hour but is very worthwhile.