Josh Powell was not Mormon

Josh Powell was not Mormon. Or better said, he apparently left the LDS Church some time ago. Not that it matters much, but in between all the breathless reporting of the emerging and horrific details of that monster, there was a blog post from the usually quite good Peggy Fletcher Stack that asked: “Under Mormon doctrine, will Josh Powell be in hell?” In the post, Stack claims:

The Powells were members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, and that church has a unique view of heaven and hell.

Forgive this pedantry, but from reports Powell: (1) stopped attending Church with his wife by the time they moved to Utah, (2) formally announced he was leaving the LDS Church soon after she disappeared, and (3) sent an email to his pastor this weekend. My point certainly isn’t to associate another church with yesterday’s abominable acts but to clarify that he had not considered himself a Mormon for some time.

I’m not sure how useful Stack’s question is anyway, but it’s not helpful to leave the impression that Josh Powell considered himself Mormon.